Supplies to 3D Print 15 PPE Masks

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Supplies to 3D Print 15 PPE Masks for those who need them! #Masks4All 

To start your own mask factory, you need to source the supplies necessary to complete the mask. Polar3D is here to help you get started efficiently and economically.

Our 125+ 3D printer mask factory BHMF is producing +500 Masks per day with these supplies. 

In this 15 Masks supplies order you will receive:

All items include enough for 100+ masks

-Dremel 3D45 PLA Filament

-Polypropylene Filters

-Elastic Bands

-Care and Use Instructions

-Click here to find the design that the BHMF currently prints with the help of the Polar Cloud.


If you have any questions, please contact us: