Dremel ECO-ABS Filament Spool, 1.75mm Diameter, 0.75kg

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ECO-ABS Filament
A modified version of PLA that offers the same high detail finish but with added strength and durability. It is good for making more durable mechanical parts with a good surface finish.

Black, White

  • NEW MATERIAL FORMULATION tested for improved print quality, reliability and longer filament shelf life
  • DREMEL DIGILAB ECO-ABS FILAMENT – is a modified PLA for added strength, flexibility and durability
  • RFID ENABLED material detection sets optimized print settings for Dremel DigiLab 3D45 3D printer
  • FITS PERFECTLY inside Dremel 3D45 and compatible with other manufacturers. Prints at 230*C nozzle temperature
  • BEST USAGE for 3D prints that need added strength and toughness

SKU / Models:

ECO-WHI-01, Dremel ECO-ABS, White 0.75kg
ECO-BLA-01, Dremel ECO-ABS, Black 0.75kg