Mosaic Palette

Unlock your 3D printing potential with the most reliable multi-material printing experience on the market.

Will Mosaic Manufacturing's Color 3D Printing Approach Catch On?










You can feed up to 4 filaments into your Palette 2S Pro. It splices the filaments at various points, turning it into 1 filament which it feeds into your printer. Turn your printer into multi-color and multi-material without any modifications.

  • Easy plug-n-play setup.
  • Color touchscreen includes built-in Gradient and Pattern modes.
  • Combine different types of materials together, like PLA or PETG with Breakaway support to make challenging overhangs a problem of the past. 
  • Make heat- and water-resistant models in four colors of durable PETG.
  • Create functional, end-user products by combining TPU with TPU
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