Dremel PETG Filament Spool, 1.75mm Diameter, Translucent 0.75kg

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PETG Filament
A thermoplastic filament that combines the strength of ECO-ABS, some flexibility of Nylon and the easy printability of PLA. It is also very durable and temperature resistant. It is good for printing mechanical parts and protective components. It is also good for printing large objects since it doesn't warp much.

  • NEW MATERIAL FORMULATION tested for improved print quality, reliability and longer filament shelf life
  • DREMEL DIGILAB PETG FILAMENT – is a thermoplastic that combines flexibility, strength and durability similar to Nylon but easier to print.
  • RFID ENABLED material detection sets optimized print settings for Dremel DigiLab 3D45 3D printer
  • FITS PERFECTLY inside Dremel 3D45 and compatible with other manufacturers. Prints at 250*C nozzle temperature
  • BEST USAGE for 3D prints that need durability, temperature resistance, and reliable layer adhesion

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PETG-TRA-01, Dremel PETG, Translucent 0.75kg