Dremel TPU Filament Spool, 1.75mm Diameter, Black 0.75kg

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TPU Filament
TPU is a Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU95) based filament specifically engineered for the Dremel 3D45 printer. It is a flexible, rubber-like filament which can stretch and bend with ease.  Ideal for printing objects which need to be flexible or can absorb shock.  Earth friendly cardboard spool holders are made from recycled materials.


  • TESTED for improved print quality, reliability and longer filament shelf life
  • DREMEL DIGILAB TPU FILAMENT – is a thermoplastic that combines flexibility, strength and durability
  • RFID ENABLED material detection sets optimized print settings for Dremel DigiLab 3D45 3D printer
  • FITS PERFECTLY inside Dremel 3D45 and compatible with other manufacturers. Prints at 210*C nozzle temperature
  • BEST USAGE for 3D prints that need flexibility, shock absorption and durability

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TPU-BLA-01, Dremel TPU, Black 0.75kg